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We can offer very competitive pricing because we are cost-conscious and strive to pass onto our customers the benefits of improved internal efficiencies. At the same time, we will not compromise our high service standards by offering unsustainable discounts to secure new business.

Inspection Services: USD200 per Man-Day; Factory Audit Services: USD260 per Man-Day.

The inspection charge is quoted on a man-day basis. The number of man-days involved depends on the product complexity, shipment quantity, inspection location and specification requirements.

Additional expenses such as traveling, accommodation will be charged separately.

Manday means one inspector works a day (8 hours). How many mandays we need depend on the product complexity, and inspection sample size which need random inspection. Traveling cost will be reimbursed for actual expenses. So for exact quotation, we need to know the product, product quantity and factory location.

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